Running Lights

Genre: Animation

Dir: Gediminas Siaulys

This is a story about the eternal miracle of life and death. The unfortunate death of a wild hare turns into a remarkable experience for children who find his body and bury it in a sand box. Now buried, the hare’s life fades away and dozens of magical creatures that lived inside him leave his body in search for a new home. The hare’s life ends by merging with nature, but is reborn in the plants and animals around it. This fairy-tale for children encourages us to think about what death is.

Awards: Original Design Award 2017, Animation Block Party New York 2017 , Won Silver Crane for Best Score & Best Animated Film

Out: 2017

Log Head

Genre: Experimental/Comedy

Log Head, the upcoming short film by Maarit Suomi-Väänänen is an experimental comedy about nature within us.

“In the forthcoming work, Log Head, I explore the human being’s inner state using cinematic special effects. Although the soulscapes are dark, I have chosen humour as my method. The common thread in this work is the psychological tension, absurdity and atavistic behaviour. Log Head takes an absurdist look at our dark side and asks: where does the human being end and nature begin?”

Log Head is surrealistic, psychoanalytical and mythical film about experimenting life of a human as a tree. Log Head is an universal portrait.

The main character is a half-metre birch log that skis in forest on red mini skis with its lumberjack hat on its head.

The torso is sawn in half, it has a gnarled crotch and a wound left by a chainsaw. Log Head has special skills, it moves, becomes moved, and moves others. Its soul is recognisable: it is envious of handsome and whole Juniper; in a clear-cut area of forest its heart breaks and it tries to unite with Stump. Log Head is also sensual. And temperamental: it gets cross when ignored. In its emotional turmoil Log Head explodes, smokes and blackens, its bark sweats sap and curls up.

The antenna and feelers of its emotions are the flaps and strings of its fur hat, which fly back when it is being pursued, spin around when it is excited, or droop when it is disheartened. At the beginning of the work, Log Head runs away because it is afraid of being terminally split. At the end, it yields to the natural cycle, for new life to grow from it. The red mini skis shine unchanged.

Out in 2015

Sales, rights & festival enquiries (worldwide): Aleksis Pillai (Executive Producer) +358-40-5713157/, Turkka Syrjäläinen (Co-Producer)

Genre: Magic Realism

Night Goes Long

Night Goes Long, is a love story to Helsinki starring Manuela Bosco (The Nymphs) and Elias Gould (Miss Farkku Suomi)

“Night Goes Long is a magic realist journey through nocturnal Helsinki, based on a classic novella “The Little Prince” by Antoine De Saint Exupery. The film won’t depict Helsinki as a post card image, but rather than the way we see and feel it; as edgy, wooden, concrete mecca of contrasts, neon, graffiti and the city lights where the boundaries of impossible may be crossed” – directors Henri Huttunen & Vesa Kuosmanen

World premiere on Helsinki Film Festival and Elisa Viihde video-on-demand on Sep 25 in 2015

Sales, rights & festival enquiries (worldwide): Mete Sasioglu (Producer) + 358-40-772 1677, Aleksis Pillai (Co-Producer) +358-40-5713157/, Turkka Syrjäläinen (Co-Producer)

Banshee Blacktop

Genre: Horror

Dublin, Ireland. A seemingly aimless drifter is picked up by police in connection with the disappearance of a young couple on a remote, windswept island months before. But the drifter, a disgraced monk, turns the table on their investigation and relates a tale of madness, murder and the supernatural. Inishdubh, a desolate swath of mountain and turf miles off the NorthWest mainland of Ireland, has always keep it’s most dreadful secret tucked away from the world. Locals prefer it that way. Tradition has blinded them to a spate of missing mothers and daughters over the years. So when Deirdre Murphy, a local village girl, contracts what she believes to be an age old family curse runs away, her father, hellbent on stopping her, gives chase. But Deirdre is different. Heady and wild, tradition has never been her moral compass. Unwilling to accept her fate she lights out for the hills, alone. Until Fionn, a local tinker boy blindly in love with her, insists on tagging along. Together they take off across the island in search of an impossible cure. Before them, a punishing mid-Winter awaits. Behind them all those bedtime stories they grew up with as kids, are catching up. There’s no denying it. Something long-dead and lustful is on their heels. Something that has always disturbed the rural quiet in these parts. It hungers to share a bed with Deirdre’s haunted father. And be a mother, to Deirdre herself, one last time. Back in Dublin, the drifter’s tale of madness, murder and the supernatural has only just begun.

“Banshee Blacktop” is an irish ghost story directed by Sean Garland starring Kelly McAuley and Dylan Kennedy.

Out in 2016

Sales, rights & festival enquiries (worldwide): Kate Watson (Sales Agent) + 44-1932-571044, Aleksis Pillai (Co-Producer) +358-40-5713157/, Turkka Syrjäläinen (Co-Producer)