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We are Whitepoint. A curious bunch of tech savvy innovators who work in entertainment, film and digital media. Our trade is to deliver extraordinary visual experiences for any space. From feature film to the latest augmented, virtual or mixed reality mobile application, we got you covered.

Adapting new technologies is the way we make an impact. We not only embrace the latest cloud based technologies and machine learning tools, we also develop them and what’s most important use them to create value to our clients.

Although we like tech, we like people more. We are an international team that serves clients across time zones. With us, you’ll also get a dedicated team who loves what they do!


Color Grading

Color Grading is constantly evolving as technology and cinema as an art form is changing. Setting up a color ”bible” is a creative journey with different departments starting from choosing a capture device and lenses, all the way to projecting images on screen. Technical color correction is different from more creative process, color grading. Creating looks is always the fun part and it usually works best when it fully supports the story. In Whitepoint we keep the technicalities at the background so you can keep the focus on the creative process. As our team is designing cinema optics we have a good understanding on what are the current trends and what could be achieved when the colorist is involved with the project from day one.


Visual Effects

Ask any artist, why they are in the industry and the answer surely isn't "making huge loads of money". They want to create beautiful and compelling content and vfx is no different on that matter. At its best, it is an artform that can take any visual experience to the next level, or in the wrong hands, it can be a nasty dent in otherwice beautifuly made product. There is always a fight between a production budget and the artists who want to create the very best they can. To balance that out, post production should be involved in the early stages of project planning to really hit the buck where it counts.


VR / AR / New Technologies

In Whitepoint, technology is something to be used only if it improves something, not for it’s own sake. However we’re always open to explore and experiment, and even make some of our own if there are no good solutions available. We’re also happy to collaborate with anyone who wants to do something outstanding first, and we’re not scared to make mistakes along the way.



Whitepoint is open minded to explore any topic from any point of view anywhere. We like to question our values, learn and see the world with fresh eyes whenever possible. We can be the driving, collaborative or supportive force depending on the need of the project. We work with Film, TV, Online, Virtual-and Augmented reality, 3d mapping.

Color Grading

Visual Effects

New Technologies



Turkka Syrjäläinen

Creative Director, Executive Producer
+358 50 515 1110


Jussi Myllyniemi

Senior Colorist, Producer
+358 400 818 412


Jouko Manninen

VFX Producer
+358 400 994 540


Timo Alatalkkari

IT Support
+358 44 97 80 700


Whitepoint Oy

Sturenkatu 21, 00510 Helsinki, Finland

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